The Power of Negativity

In a previous post I stressed the Power of Positivity. Now, to drill things a little further, I want to talk about the power of negative forces in your mind.

the bright side of darknessLet me begin with an analogy. Scientists studying motivation in rats put rats in a maze. When the prospect of tasty food and the smell of it is the motivation, the rat scurries through the maze at a respectable pace. BUT, note the capital letters, when the rat has the scent of a cat at it’s tail as it’s motivation, the speed in which it scurries through the maze is doubled! Scientists then tried both methods at the same time, having the scent of food ahead and the scent of danger behind, and the rat’s motivation was tripled!

What does this tell us? It tells us that there are two factors to any goal. When we want to reach a place, we must remind ourselves of all the positive reasons why reaching that goal would be great. And when we also remind ourselves of all the negative things that could happen if we don’t push toward out goal, our reasons for getting there are even greater.

In this sense, even negativity has a positive aspect. It was my habit of seeing the silver lining in everything that helped me see the silver lining in worrying about our greatest fears. I believe that if you have a clear image in your mind of the place you DON’T want to be alongside the place you DO want to be, you’re twice as likely to reach that positive place. When oblivious to the opposite end of your goal, there’s only half the motivation there could be to reach that goal. Therefore we have the potential to take advantage of negative thinking by, just every once in a while, maybe once a day, reminding ourselves of not only where we’re going but what we’re running from.

Running toward something at the same time as running away from something is the power that negativity can add to our lives. Thank you!


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Interview with Appliance Repair Technician in Vancouver BC

appliance technicianScrolling through the internet, we’re often intrigued by interviews with celebrities and politicians, but very rarely the average guy. The other week I had a wonderful conversation over Skype with an appliance repair technician in Vancouver BC. For privacy he asked for me not to reveal his name, but he works for, is very proud to be doing so, and I had the honor of being able to ask him 7 questions.

This interview is designed to give our readers a look into the life of an appliance repairman. Whether you’re doing research, wanting to know if repairing appliances would be a good career for you or are just plain interested, I hope this is a good source for you.

So now here are our seven questions and answers for our friend, the appliance repair technician: Read More »

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Going to University for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Get Ready For!

It’s been a while since I posted on Glebe House Dowth, but I have some free time so here we go. The stories of friends of mine and my own experience have given me a good picture of what you should get ready for if you’re going to university for the first time. Hopefully you’re going because you’re sincerely interested in a certain topic. However if you’re not interested in anything and you’re just going because your parents want you to, then things might be a little tougher. My friend is going to university at a rather late age because she finally found something she’s passionate about that she can pursue. She studies Renaissance history, and doesn’t mind if I share what she’s learned with you guys.

If you don’t care what you’re studying for, that is you find it boring, this may or may not affect your final grades. It’s true that if you love what you’re studying, if you would read about it anyways even if you weren’t going to school, then you’re more likely to get good grades because you’re so engaged with the material. It’s still possible to get straight As without being passionate. But this takes conscious effort. You got to push past the boredom to learn everything needed for the exams.

Assuming that you have at least some interest in your academic pursuits, let’s ask the question: What should you expect? Read More »

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Continuing On Into The Cold Season

Lately I’ve noticed the winter blues in several different places. They seem to affect some more than others, and everyone’s experience seems to be unique. I’m still feeling pretty good myself, but I definitely see it in others, and definitely still have my moments (cough: politics rant.) Everyone do me a favor and smile, when you can. It’s going make you happier, and it’s also going to make others feel good in either a minor or major way. I know Trump’s president and you may be worried, but use the power of positivity to feel the best you can and deserve to feel. Read More »

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Politics Rant

With this being a place I can reach the public, I need to go off on a short tangent about my personal view of politics right now. I just had to, it’s been bugging me. If you’d rather not read about politics then click here to go back to my nice things.

I know there’s countless articles out there right now, all sorts of bogus facts and controversy, as always. The disaster I’m seeing happen in The States is horrific don’t get me wrong, but you know what is more of a concern to me than Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump running this country? Read More »

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The Power Of Positivity

The title of this post may sound a bit cliche, but really it’s got so much truth. All I’ve been able to think about lately is my new yard. Thing’s have changed a lot in the last couple weeks, we’ve been very hard at work getting it going. Our new friend Tree, (still can’t get over that name) has turned out to be absolutely wonderful. He brought us all sorts of goodies like homemade lamb stew (my favorite, as I mentioned in my last post), healthy brownies, kombucha, self-picked veggies, it’s amazing. The man is out there doing good for the environment and we need more people like him.

Anyways we’ve drawn out our set plans. Tree had a rough draft on paper, and now we’ve perfected it. We did all the weeding required and dug up most of our backyard, things are coming along great and I cannot wait to share the end result with you guys. Read More »

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Plans For A New Garden

eggs-on-toastYou know what’s really good? Eggs and toast, plain and simple. Scrambled eggs with salt and pepper and toast with butter on it. This is my breakfast almost every morning; as it is easy, small and tasty. I’m not much of a morning eater so it’s just the perfect little meal in the morning. This might sound weird; but I actually look forward to my scrambled eggs and toast in the morning, in fact I’m currently thinking about my breakfast tomorrow morning, and it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon! My parents fed this to me growing up, and I did not enjoy it. My parents both being vegan it was an odd combination, as I quite enjoy my meat and dairy… Especially Lamb, mmmmmm. thing’s have obviously changed though and I have a high level of respect for the eggs and toast. Read More »

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Wedding At The Beech House

water-viewI had a special job for a special friend of mine in my hometown this last weekend; his name is Joel. Joel, Rod and I all grew up in the same friend circle and swore we would help each other out in the future, because we all believe in diplomacy. Sure enough, Rod and I were able to show up to Joel’s wedding and take some amazing photographs that will be with him forever. Joel’s wife, Cynthia, was a bartender in downtown Victoria at a place called Big Bad Johns. This was our favorite local hang-out, as it is quite old fashion and you can still throw peanuts on the floor… in 2016. Funny story we actually met Cynthia on our last night in Victoria. Joel was eyeing her up and told us he was going to “go home with her tonight.” I don’t know how some people do it but they just know what they want and they receive it, they seem to know how to leverage The Law Of Attraction very well.

Read More »

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A Little More About Me And My Past

wedding-ringAn interesting part of planning our wedding was creating the guest list. I did really enjoy it but it stressed me out at the same time. Going through everyone I know; friends and family and determining who we wanted to invite. It brought me to observe my relationships with everyone I know; and I felt guilty about how little I see everyone I care about. Obviously you’re not going to be able to see everyone all the time, but it makes me feel bad for not making a better effort to stay in their lives. To be honest though, my life is quite busy, theirs are too, at least it’s a mutual understanding…  Read More »

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The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life

I thought I would share my experience with weddings; growing up I never wanted to get married. I’m a bit different than every other girl out there. While I did like the idea and imagined it being an amazing day, I never actually saw the purpose as I viewed it as an added stress; one that I didn’t really need if I was with the right person. I’m not concerned about labels, and I don’t need to have someone else owning 50% of the rights to my belongings. However, when I met my now husband he felt the same way, and we went and got jobs as wedding photographers… Silly us. After being to so many venues and watching countless beautiful moments between couples, he finally gave in and proposed, and I wanted him to as well. IMAGINE THAT! At this point we had been together for a while and knew if anything were to happen we could settle it on peaceful terms.


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