A Little More About Me And My Past

wedding-ringAn interesting part of planning our wedding was creating the guest list. I did really enjoy it but it stressed me out at the same time. Going through everyone I know; friends and family and determining who we wanted to invite. It brought me to observe my relationships with everyone I know; and I felt guilty about how little I see everyone I care about. Obviously you’re not going to be able to see everyone all the time, but it makes me feel bad for not making a better effort to stay in their lives. To be honest though, my life is quite busy, theirs are too, at least it’s a mutual understanding… 

If I could give a little advice however: Don’t feel bad for only inviting who you believe is most important and relevant, also who you feel comfortable with. On the lighter side of things; When you have all the people you are even a little bit close to in your life at your wedding, it is a truly beautiful feeling. Not only is it a sentimental day that is going to stick with you forever, but your about to have a good time with everyone you want to see the most, all at the same time.

As I mentioned last time I postedI’m very happy with my husband, and our wedding was probably the most perfect thing that has ever happened. We had so many mutual friends & family friends because we had known each other for so long, since high school actually!



Haha, I like being a girly girl sometimes I’m not gunna lie. I always thought I was quite a bit like a dude, but I’m really not at heart, I’m a total sappy girly girl. Funny I actually grew up stereotyped as a total ‘tomboy’. I played football at a young age, wore baggy clothes and talked with a bit of an attitude. I also hung out with pretty much all guys; including my current husband. I felt a bit anxious around most other girls honestly because I knew they were always judging me, which really got to me back then. I’m not so much that way anymore as we’ve all matured, but man did I just not mesh well with a lot of women. A lot of girls that I didn’t get along with at all back in middle school/high school ended up becoming great friends of mine later on, and came to my wedding. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded with all sorts of people that lifted me up and made me feel good, and vice versa.

My husband and I dated back in high school actually, spent a lot of our teenage years together. We split up on good terms and went separate ways, however as much as we both denied it, we both knew we had to be together. So here we are! Travelling the world together. I hope I’m not boring you guys too much with my love story, I’ve just never really got the chance to write about it, so I appreciate your patience. If anybody wants to share a story like this with me you’re more than welcome to, I’d love to hear it. You can e-mail me here; you don’t have to know me, it’ll be another little pleasant moment in my life. Feel free to e-mail me as well if you have any relationship issues you’d like some advice for; I’ve always been pretty good at giving advice for that kind of thing. Don’t be afraid of hearing the truth though, cause I’ll give it to you.

Heading off to work now! Let your day be blessed with positive vibes and joys.

Thanks for reading!

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