Do you need wedding photos?

We have tons and tons of pictures, almost unlimited that we like to share with the world. However I don’t actually like to post them online because I don’t want good quality photos getting used for the wrong reasons, it’s one of those situations where those few bad apples ruin it for everyone, sorry guys.

My email is: if you would like to contact me personally and obtain some nice photos you can build your websites with, or some unique collages, whatever you please. The only thing I ask is you don’t use them for the wrong reasons, as I mentioned above. There are copyright restrictions but people still find a way around those things I have found… I see people using stock photography (wedding photographers) and reaping the rewards of them but they haven’t paid any money or accredited the original photographer. When using our photos I ask that all you do is share this blog with them! I want to interact with people, and I want to share!

Thank you for viewing our blog today.

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