Continuing On Into The Cold Season

Lately I’ve noticed the winter blues in several different places. They seem to affect some more than others, and everyone’s experience seems to be unique. I’m still feeling pretty good myself, but I definitely see it in others, and definitely still have my moments (cough: politics rant.) Everyone do me a favor and smile, when you can. It’s going make you happier, and it’s also going to make others feel good in either a minor or major way. I know Trump’s president and you may be worried, but use the power of positivity to feel the best you can and deserve to feel.



There’s your smile

What’s Going On In My Life Right Now?

Not a whole lot has changed, but I am ever so excited about this coming year. My husband and I have actually set ourselves up with some pretty sweet wedding photography gigs in 2017, as well as some potential ventures over to good ol’ Europe. Switzerland and The Netherlands specifically are 2 places I’ve always wanted to visit, but never made a priority. I have family I haven’t seen in forever in Switzerland as well, so it makes it that much sweeter that we’ll possibly be visiting.

I want to give a little bit of food for thought to you, and maybe it will help you all through the bluesy time; distract you from your negative feelings.

Do something that seems uncomfortable, tomorrow. Obviously use common sense and make sure you don’t lose anything from it, but make a phone call to someone you’ve been procrastinating talking to; like a relative maybe. Or go out and strike up a conversation with a stranger, be creative and just get out of that comfort zone of yours. After you do this, trace back to how you were feeling before, and then decide whether you having that conversation, or whatever you decided to do was worth it. I guarantee 9 times out of 10 we miss opportunities that we never even knew about, just because we stayed in our comfort zone and never experimented.

For instance, I apply for multiple wedding photography gigs every week. I do my best to advertise myself and I talk to people. Well, Rod and I are doing photography for 2 different amazing celebrity couples next year, and possibly a few more. I don’t want to reveal who they are just yet as you may understand that things can happen before the wedding, but you will know soon enough.

Anyways if we hadn’t put ourselves out there and really dug deep in the possibilities out there, we wouldn’t have received these gigs. Digging deep does require getting out of your comfort zone; putting muscle into it and getting creative.

Also.. Work Smarter Not Harder.

work-smartAbsolutely does not mean put in any less effort, it means put more effort into thinking something through rather than going through unnecessary steps. You are going to make mistakes as you get out of your comfort zone, but that’s what it’s all about; learning what is really out there.

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