Interview with Appliance Repair Technician in Vancouver BC

appliance technicianScrolling through the internet, we’re often intrigued by interviews with celebrities and politicians, but very rarely the average guy. The other week I had a wonderful conversation over Skype with an appliance repair technician in Vancouver BC. For privacy he asked for me not to reveal his name, but he works forĀ, is very proud to be doing so, and I had the honor of being able to ask him 7 questions.

This interview is designed to give our readers a look into the life of an appliance repairman. Whether you’re doing research, wanting to know if repairing appliances would be a good career for you or are just plain interested, I hope this is a good source for you.

So now here are our seven questions and answers for our friend, the appliance repair technician:

Question One: “What got you into repairing appliances in Vancouver BC?”

Answer: “I was raised in a middle class family and moved to Vancouver when I was four, but my parents were rather frugal. They liked to save money wherever they could, and good for them I was kind of a nerd who loved to take apart electronics and appliances and put them back together at a very young age. By the time I was 14, I had fixed our fridge twice, had fixed the dryer once and several other domestic appliances. It wasn’t until my parents referred me to a restaurant to fix their freezer at the age of 19 that I thought perhaps I should pursue this art as a way of life. You can laugh at that terminology if you want, but I really think fixing appliances is a way of life. I’m constantly looking inside of things to see how they work, sometimes in places where I shouldn’t be looking. So overall you could say it was luck that got me here. If my parents weren’t so frugal, I could’ve ended up being a computer repairman or a mechanic or something.”

Question Two: “Do you sometimes wish you had a different career?”

Answer: “I think everyone dreams sometimes. I watch movies and think of how cool it would be to be a zoologist or a fireman or something. But by the end of the day I’m pretty grateful to have my job. I have a good wage, love what I do and won’t be looking for a different career anytime soon.”

Question Three: “What is your favorite appliance to fix?”

Answer: “To be honest, I’d have to say a wine cooler. It’s not often that I have to fix a wine cooler, but more often than not it means getting a free bottle of wine as a tip. That’s why it’s my favorite.”

Question Four: “What is the most extraordinary thing that’s happened to you while at work?”

Answer: “That’s a good question. The first thing that comes to mind is a rather scary story. I was called up to a campsite where a microwave in a RV needed some tweaking. It turned out these people were practically living at this campsite. They had been there for nearly a month, were from Europe and had no plans of leaving soon. While I was in the RV fixing the microwave, I heard a scream and rushed outside to see a family of bears rummaging through the campsite. The owners of the RV had fled already, and as soon as the bears looked at me I ran back into the RV and locked the door. I watched the bears through the window until they were gone. I think that’s rather extraordinary.”

Question Five: “What is your least favorite appliance to fix?”

Answer: “It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I come across a relic of an appliance where the maker has been out of business and all parts must be ordered from abroad, if parts even exist. These are my least favorite because the waiting time for parts can be rather long at times.”

Question Six: “If you could repair appliances somewhere else in the world besides Vancouver BC, where would you go?”

Answer: “I have a rather easy answer for that question. I wouldn’t move. I got my family and friends here. I’m originally from Ontario but I love Vancouver BC, I would never dream of moving.”

Question Seven: “If there was a young person thinking of becoming an appliance technician, what advice would you give them? Is there anything they should know?”

Answer: “I’ve had to answer this question several times in the past. I always tell kids the same thing. Make sure the company you work for treats you right. I’m very lucky to have the employers I do, as I get treated very well. But it’s not common for appliance technicians to have rough bosses who have no respect for the way you feel. They’ll overwork you, won’t pay you for travel time and other worse things best unmentioned. If you want to be an appliance technician, don’t settle for working for people who make you unhappy. It’s always possible to start your own business one day, but you’ll most likely need to get off the ground by working for someone else for a while. Some other good advice I’d give is to keep a journal. Sometimes to fix rare appliances you’ll have to do research. If you record what you learn, you’ll most likely remember what you have to do next time you encounter that appliance.”

One last time I want to thank our friend for allowing us this interesting insight. If you’re not a celebrity or a politician and would like an interview over Skype, feel free to contact us.


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