Politics Rant

With this being a place I can reach the public, I need to go off on a short tangent about my personal view of politics right now. I just had to, it’s been bugging me. If you’d rather not read about politics then click here to go back to my nice things.

I know there’s countless articles out there right now, all sorts of bogus facts and controversy, as always. The disaster I’m seeing happen in The States is horrific don’t get me wrong, but you know what is more of a concern to me than Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump running this country?

Social media, and what it’s capable of doing. 

social-mediaDuring these recent days I’ve watched awareness grow of the fact that corporations the world and not the government, which has skewed peoples view of what this election really means. It’s amazing to me that almost every person I talk to about politics seems to think they know everything. even though we’ve seen what social media is capable of, we still pay attention to it and base our opinions on what we read or hear. In case you weren’t aware: Yes, the big corporations are the ones with all the money and power. The law has no choice but to be based off what’s going on in the corporate world because well, that’s where all the money is, and that’s what our world thrives on; money.

The point I’m trying to make here is don’t believe everything you read. People are highly influenced by things they see and hear, and when some idiot blasts social media with absurd lies and exaggerations it creates many negative opinions and feelings. The worst part is that they are completely unnecessary and do nothing good for the public.

In all honesty I don’t know much less than others about politics, but people portray that as a fact because they have much more in depth opinions than I do. My problem is that I don’t know what to believe, social media has butchered every fact out there to the point that we have 80% of The States running around infuriated with things that aren’t even real. Now I’m not saying it’s all made up and that these 2 aren’t total maniacs, but it’s been pushed to the point that Hilary and Donald have pretty much been labelled ‘the worst people in existence.’ Meanwhile we have daily murders, rapes and violence going on everywhere around us, and it’s not even being addressed.

The position of the president isn’t even anything that special. Sure they get to make some big decisions but again; the corporate world are the ones with the power, and they won’t be out of office in 4 years. Social media has also recently become a big part of large businesses success, so it is completely possible for them to release a phony article in the favor of who they want to win the election. These things are possible in 2016, media and the internet have become a real game changer.

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