The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life

I thought I would share my experience with weddings; growing up I never wanted to get married. I’m a bit different than every other girl out there. While I did like the idea and imagined it being an amazing day, I never actually saw the purpose as I viewed it as an added stress; one that I didn’t really need if I was with the right person. I’m not concerned about labels, and I don’t need to have someone else owning 50% of the rights to my belongings. However, when I met my now husband he felt the same way, and we went and got jobs as wedding photographers… Silly us. After being to so many venues and watching countless beautiful moments between couples, he finally gave in and proposed, and I wanted him to as well. IMAGINE THAT! At this point we had been together for a while and knew if anything were to happen we could settle it on peaceful terms.


So I guess my perspective changed. I was always told to wait for the right person, and I definitely didn’t, but when I really did find the right person I understood the true meaning of that phrase. When you really have found your soul mate, you will know you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong, and you actually don’t mind sharing your belongings because they really are your other half. Can you tell I’m in love?

We had our wedding day, it was unforgettable of course. We had lots of good connections in the industry because we both had worked with many priests, personal chefs and other photographers as well, which made the planning that much easier. Since then we continued our jobs, traveled all over the world and proceeded to live happy lives. I must say, looking back to how I thought about marriage in my 20’s, I have learned a lot, and I continue to learn every day. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that feels the same way I did about marriage, and why it’s unnecessary. Honestly I still have similar views in the sense that you shouldn’t get married on a whim, if it’s not for you right now it’s just not for you, and that’s okay. You can screw yourself if you’re just excited about that one nice day your wearing a $10,000 dollar dress kissing your new husband. A lot of relationships I see nowadays unfortunately are too rushed, and too many people are overriding logic with emotions. You don’t ever HAVE to get married, it’s a label that society has pressured people into believing is some sort of ‘accomplishment’.

Sounds a bit like a fairy tale right? I will be honest, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, but I have no complaints today. We’ve both come a long way and are happy with our decisions.


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