Wedding At The Beech House

water-viewI had a special job for a special friend of mine in my hometown this last weekend; his name is Joel. Joel, Rod and I all grew up in the same friend circle and swore we would help each other out in the future, because we all believe in diplomacy. Sure enough, Rod and I were able to show up to Joel’s wedding and take some amazing photographs that will be with him forever. Joel’s wife, Cynthia, was a bartender in downtown Victoria at a place called Big Bad Johns. This was our favorite local hang-out, as it is quite old fashion and you can still throw peanuts on the floor… in 2016. Funny story we actually met Cynthia on our last night in Victoria. Joel was eyeing her up and told us he was going to “go home with her tonight.” I don’t know how some people do it but they just know what they want and they receive it, they seem to know how to leverage The Law Of Attraction very well.

Joel built a successful business called Larix Landscape. He was kind of the jack of all trades when it came to home services, so he decided to utilize his skills to fit any service the good people of Victoria were in need of. Being that thing’s like landscaping and deck building were very popular in Victoria, he was only destined for success. After spending over 10 years working hard to create his business, he sold it for over 3.4 million dollars; he paid for everything he would need for the next 10 years, and still remained wealthy.

This man is amazing, I mean truly amazing. It was a complete surprise for us to come home from our trip to a new deck in our backyard; which he knew we severely needed. Joel literally flew his crew out to where we were living while we were down in Victoria, and paid them to build us the exact deck we wanted. He questioned us over the phone before hand about what we wanted, drew out the entire plan and sent them out. I honestly have no idea how someone can be so sneaky, yet brilliant at the same time, our gratitude cannot be put into words.

This is honestly the kind of relationship my friends and I had growing up. We did the best to be creative and please each other, I guess some things never change. I do sincerely believe the most important things in life are your friends, so do not take the good ones for granted. You never know when you may need them, nor what they will do for you.

Back to Joel and Cynthia’s wedding; we planned it in a nice field with a water view, with all our close friends. Just as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, weddings are one of the most beautiful and symbolic parts of your life. What more could you ask for than everybody that is most important to you, all in one place embracing the fact that you’re committing to be with the love of your life forever.

If you want a couple of awesome wedding photographers, feel free to contact us. We will often make the trip regardless of what city you’re in, and charge our normal rates. Mainly because we love the experience, not the money.

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